Establishing the Burden and Advocating the Importance of RSV Prevention


The RSV Prevention Working Group aims to advise evidence-based strategies, practices, and policies to:

  • Establish the real burden of RSV on our healthcare systems across Europe
  • Advocate for improved surveillance to understand the burden of hospitalisation that RSV admission causes each season
  • Improve our understanding of seasonality in terms of RSV prevention
  • Work to avoid the unnecessary hospitalisation of under 5s by the use of RSV prevention policies across Europe
  • Develop strategies to communicate the RSV burden and the need to protect all ages to Healthcare Professionals and Policymakers.


Would you like to join the group and participate in the meetings and the work? Please send us a request.






Sir Terence Stephenson, Honorary Consultant & Nuffield Professor of Child Health, UCL GOS Institute of Child Health(UK) ● Lieke Sanders (Institute of Public health and the Environment, Netherlands) Francisco Ribeiro Mourao (European Junior Doctors) ● Simon Nadel (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) ● Susanna Esposito (World Association for Infectious Diseases and Immunological Disorders) ● Eugenio Baraldi (Respiratory Syncytial Virus Network) ● Irena Bralic (University of Split) ● Chloe Lebbos (European Pharmaceutical Students' Association) ● Conall Watson (UK Health Security Agency) ● Elizabeth Adams (European Federation of Nurses Associations) ● Francisco Gimenez-Sanchez (Balmis Institute of Vaccines) ● Mihai Craiu (Carol Davila University of Medicine, Romania)  ● Ber Oomen (European Specialist Nurses Organisation) ● Roy Philip (University Maternity Hospital Limerick) ● George Syrogiannopoulos (University of Thessaly) Anne Teirlinck (RIVM - Centre for Infectious Disease Control,​ Netherlands) Francois Angoulvant ​(Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois​, ​Switzerland) Lies Kriek (ReSViNET Foundation, RSV Patient Network, Patient Advisory Board​)​ Brenda Wyninga​ (RSV Patient Network - Patient Advisory Board​)​ George Valiotis​ (​European Health Management Association EHMA) Jonne Terstappen​ ​​(Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, Utrecht​, Netherlands)​ Daniel Bausch​ (Global Health Security, FIND Switzerland​ - ​London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, ​United Kingdom)• Catherine Weil-Olivier (Paris VII University) ● Timo Vesikari (Nordic Research Network) ● Jane Barratt (International Federation on Ageing - IFA) ● Roy Philip (University Maternity Hospital Limerick GEMS, Ireland) ● Alison Maassen (EuroHealthNet) ● Daniel Bausch (UK Public Health Rapid Support, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine












  • Do we know the real burden on our Healthcare Systems in Europe, and is improved surveillance needed?
  • What is Europe's hidden burden of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)?
  • How should we better communicate to Healthcare Professionals the RSV Burden and the need to protect all?
  • Developing strategies to communicate the burden of RSV to policymakers



Based on all the work and collaboration between the Working Groups, both in the Expert mapping surveys and the Working Group Meetings organised each year, the reports include Observations, Challenges, Strategies and Suggested Campaigns/Actions for each barrier or observation. Working alongside partners and supporters, we will tackle as many areas as possible and conduct as many proposed actions to overcome barriers to vaccination uptake.