An EIP Campaign Helping to Avoid Delays in Routine Vaccinations Across Europe Post COVID-19

Postponing or delaying vaccinations during each wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic could add new threats and challenges to our healthcare systems. The NOW MORE THAN EVER! Campaign is targeting healthcare professionals and through them patients and parents. Our aim is to urge HCPs to not postpone visits in their practices for routine vaccinations and to contact their patients mobilising them to keep their scheduled vaccinations. The campaign will run in May and June 2020. It will then be reactivated from September and onwards every time a new outburst of COVID-19 occurs and restrictive measures are applied with country-specific responses.

The main Campaign elements include:

➡️ 3 newsletters

Sent to a database of 45,000 HCPs to include selected quotes from official guidelines, links to download communication materials, support publications and articles. Shared for dissemination with other organisations.

➡️ Social media campaign

Call to HCPs to repost and share impactful and practical ready-to-use messages through their online social and professional networks. EIP will monitor response and contribution through the community platform. Published also through EIP's social media pages.

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Resources Library

Articles, publications, guidelines to back up the fact that disruptions to routine vaccinations even for a short period of time could cause significant public health problems

➡️ Feedback Form

For HCPs to report any problems they face in the supply chain of vaccines in their countries or on possible obstacles they are facing in relation to the directions and guidelines issued or not issued by health authorities in countries and they are causing delays or confusion.

➡️ Online Survey

Collecting information on how healthcare professionals normal workflows for vaccinations have been disrupted and ideas on how these workflows should be adjusted/modified so that they are prepared when a new outburst occurs to continue vaccinations.

➡️ Webinars 

Prioritising and Supporting Routine Paediatric Vaccinations During COVID-19. A webinars series advising why pediatricians should insist that vaccinations are not postponed, what could be the possible consequences of disruptions on vaccinations, and how they could persuade parents not to miss their vaccinations.



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