Explore the latest recommendations of our dedicated Vaccine Together Working Groups and learn more about their Actions Plans for 2021/22. The Working Groups are a unique feature of Vaccines Together and are tasked with identifying and supporting targeted interventions and actions to increase vaccination rates in a particular disease field or policy area.

The Working Groups discuss and debate the latest policy changes across all regions, along with the latest surveillance data, and put forward strategies and Campaigns to overcome vaccine barriers in the era of COVID-19. Their work is conducted at the Annual Focus Group Meetings as well as online throughout the year. View the Resources section to access the Working Group’s latest reports and recorded briefings from the 5th Life Course Immunisation and Health System Resilience Focus Group.

From 2021 each Working Group area will launch a number of smaller Expert Groups to drill down even further into a specific barrier ( i.e - How to reach out and communicate with adolescents to increase Meningococcal Vaccination uptake?, Strategies to increase vaccination coverage of patients with chronic conditions) to develop and deliver even more specific advice and actions.

You are encouraged to play your role and join in the discussion on the Vaccine Together Forum allowing Members to suggest their own actions that should be implemented to increase vaccine uptake.