Vaccines Together’s Annual Summit, and Working Groups have the overarching aims of establishing disease burden and prevalence and overcoming barriers to uptake. In addition, they are tasked with protecting vaccination budgets and establishing vaccinations as the basis of health system resilience across Europe. By bringing together over 40 key organisations, opinion leaders, associations, and policymakers, we aim to advise evidence-based strategies, practices, and policies that should be implemented. 

Running since 2016, the Annual Life Course Summit is our Annual Vaccines meeting for all stakeholders involved in Vaccines Together. Typically 40-60 participants with presentations and expert briefings, followed by discussion points on overcoming barriers and recommendations on what should be done. Co-located at the Annual EIP Conference, the Summit is central to EIP’s work as part of the EU Vaccination Coalition.

Feeding into and out of the Summit are dedicated Vaccination Working Groups with the goal of increasing vaccination rates in a particular disease field or policy area. Typically 15-25 members per Working Group work on strategies to overcome vaccine barriers by identifying and supporting targeted actions to increase vaccination rates. Current Working Groups include 1) Life Course Immunisation, 2) Vaccine Confidence, 3) RSV Prevention, 4) Meningococcal Vaccinations, and 5) Influenza Vaccinations.

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