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Empower, educate, and unite communities and healthcare professionals across Europe to advance vaccination coverage, ensuring everyone is protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. Through innovative campaigns, strategic collaborations, and evidence-based advocacy, we aim to dismantle barriers to vaccination, foster vaccine confidence, and reinforce the resilience of health systems, making a healthier future accessible for all.

In recognizing the critical role of collaboration, the Vaccines Together Initiative's mission extends to fostering a robust network of partnerships with organizations, associations, and experts in vaccines and health policy from premier universities across Europe. By harnessing these partners' collective expertise and resources, we are dedicated to surmounting the challenges of vaccine uptake and championing a LifeCourse vaccination strategy. This collaborative approach ensures comprehensive protection against vaccine-preventable diseases for all individuals, symbolizing our commitment to a unified front in public health advancement.

In an era where public health faces unprecedented challenges, Lifecourse Immunization emerges as a vital strategy, not just for individual well-being but for the collective health of nations. This approach, which emphasizes the importance of vaccination throughout all stages of life, is more than a healthcare initiative; it's a robust framework for national resilience and community welfare.

It’s only by working with organisations, partner associations, as well as vaccine and health policy experts from the leading universities across Europe, that we are able to unite to overcome barriers to vaccine uptake and advocate a LifeCourse vaccination approach to protecting all against vaccine-preventable diseases. 

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Work with EIP and Vaccines Together to change perceptions and behaviours, improve vaccination policies and protect all against vaccine-preventable diseases across Europe and the world. Use the form to contact EIP and let us know the Working Groups that you're interested in participating. 

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