Specialist Pediatrician, Hispalense Institute of Pediatrics. President of Balmis Institute of Vaccines, SPAIN

Dr. Francisco Giménez-Sánchez was trained in the School of Medicine of the University of Granada (Spain) as MD finishing in 1989 and obtaining the Doctoral degree by the same university in 1994. He is specialist in Pediatrics (Department of Pediatrics of the University Hospital in Granada).


Other certificates obtained are Epidemiology Fellow (CDC, Atlanta, USA), Master Degree in Clinical Trials (University of Seville, Spain) and Expert on Vaccines (University of Madrid, Spain).  Other institutions where he has developed research and has participated in long-term courses are Harvard University, Nationwide Children´s hospital (Columbus, Ohio) and Hospital La Paz in Madrid.  Dr. Gimenez was working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta as Epidemiology fellow from 1998 to 2000 with the sponsorship of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, where he took the lead on several surveys at the Respiratory Diseases Branch. In the year 2000 he was working for the Panamerican Health Organization (PAHO) in the Division of Vaccines and Immunizations, being assigned to Santa Cruz (Bolivia) as International Consultant. In Bolivia he took the lead for measles eradication program, and coordinated the Amplified Immunization Program in Santa Cruz. After that he has continued being International Consultant for the Ministry oh Health, PAHO and World Bank in Bolivia. In 2001, he moved to Spain and took a position as Chief Section at the National Center of Tropical Medicine (Institute of Health Carlos III) in Madrid, where stayed until 2003 leading several projects related to International Health and Tropical Diseases. Dr. Gimenez has spent eight years as the secretary of the Advisory Committee of Vaccines in the Spanish Association of Pediatrics. In the last years he has participated as investigator in several clinical trials related to new vaccines in children and has coordinated several epidemiological studies on infectious diseases in infancy originating a number of international publications. He has spent eight years working as Pediatrics Infectious Diseases Specialist at Torrecardenas Hospital (Spain). From 2012 to 2016, he has been the President of the Spanish Society of Tropical Medicine and International Health.

Since 2014, he works in Institute Hispalense of Pediatrics. In the field of international collaboration, he is the president of the Balmis Institute, organization dedicated to teaching, research and international cooperation in vaccines and immunizations. He is Spanish representative of the Management Committee of the COST network One Health (European Union). He often participates in immunizations campaigns in Africa.



Instituto Balmis de Vacunas


Asociación científica sin ánimo de lucro para la promoción de la formación, la investigación y la cooperación internacional de las vacunas y la inmunización.