Access the latest Reports from the 8 Vaccines Together Working Group's Annual Meetings

As part of EIP’s work within the EU Coalition on Vaccination, 8 Stakeholder Working Groups, as well as a joint EU Commission and WHO plenary briefing, took place at 11th EIP Annual Conference in Copenhagen in December 2019.

The following reports summarise the invited expert’s briefings, discussions, and proposed action plans that were debated during the proceedings of all the meetings. 


WG1-Meningitis_REPORT_-_Google_Docs.jpg WG2-Varicella_REPORT_-_Google_Docs.jpg
WG3_Influenza_REPORT_-_Google_Docs.jpg WG4_Rotavirus_REPORT_-_Google_Docs.jpg
PFG2_LifeCourse_REPORT_-_Google_Docs.jpg PFG3_Misinformation_REPORT_-_Google_Docs.jpg
PFG4_Education_REPORT_-_Google_Docs.jpg PFG5_Excluded_REPORT_-_Google_Docs.jpg

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