The European Life Course Immunisation Initiative is tasked with uniting Healthcare Professionals to push for universal immunity at a policy level while overcoming vaccine hesitancy at the grassroots in healthcare systems (and amongst healthcare professionals themselves) across Europe. ● Mapping the latest opinions and barriers. ● Connecting vaccination key opinion leaders and frontline pediatric healthcare professionals, (who administer vaccines on a daily basis) with associations and policymakers. ● As well as connecting associations and organisations advocating vaccination uptake across Europe to better collaborate and work with each other (the Together Network and Platform).

To help achieve and coordinate these goals, the 3rd Life Course Immunisation Meeting took place in Prague, 7th December 2018, in parallel to the 10th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference, and in partnership with the WHO's Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) and the Coalition for Life Course Immunisation (CLCI). All types of vaccine-preventable disease were in focus with the desire to overcome barriers across the board.

(Organised at the 10th Excellence in Pediatrics Conference, on December 7, 2018)