COVID has impacted our lives dramatically over the past two years. However, vaccines have played a pivotal role in allowing things to return to normality. However, although the adult vaccine rollouts have generally seen a high uptake rate, COVID vaccine rates in the paediatric population have stalled. The COVID-19 vaccinations in children survey links with EIP's EU Commission Vaccine Coalition work on low uptake in younger children. By sharing your views, you can help us understand the barriers to uptake that you are hearing in your everyday work. In particular, the 6 question multiply choice survey aims to establish: If Paediatricians currently advise that children in the 5-11 and 12-16 age groups should be given a COVID Vaccine, the main reasons for not presently recommending COVID vaccinations to a child, parents' concerns and reasons for COVID vaccine hesitancy and whether the type of vaccine offered is a factor in parents' decisions.

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