Discussion Point 1: How can we counter conspiracy theorists in an era when vaccine confidence is more important than ever?

Discussion Point 2: What can we do to educate, establish points of trusted information and better communicate from both the HCP and public's perspectives?

Discussion Point 3: Preparing for Widespread COVID vaccinations. How can we ensure successful distribution and access pathways and communicating effectively to the population to ensure acceptance and understanding of a new COVID vaccination?

Discussion Point 4: Preparing for Widespread COVID vaccinations. The critical role of Healthcare Organisations and Professionals in promoting and monitoring confidence. How should the COVID vaccine be promoted across the EU, what role should HCPs play, and how do we monitor confidence?

Discussion Point 5: What must be done from a policy perspective to secure prioritisation of vaccinations in healthcare budgets in the COVID-19 era?

Discussion Point 6: How should we close the gap of missing adult vaccinations? Especially as an effective adult vaccination infrastructure will be so important for COVID vaccination implementation?

Discussion Point 7: What must we do to protect Meningitis Vaccinations as a priority and recover the lost Meningococcal Vaccine Coverage due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Discussion Point 8: With the increased risk of misdiagnosis we must advocate extending vaccines against current meningococcal strains to all types and populations (ie children, adolescents, young adults) as many countries lack broad coverage.

Discussion Point 9: How can we make sure that an increased uptake in influenza vaccines is sustainable in the long-term and not just a short-term trend for this year only?

Discussion Point 10:  How we can best communicate Influenza Vaccinations navigating through the tectonic changes in behaviours, attitudes and awareness among people and healthcare professionals?