As part of EIP's ongoing Campaigns to Increase Vaccination Rates, please provide a short statement that best summarises your view on Meningococcal Vaccinations.

EIP's statement: We must unite to address the dangerous mix of delayed routine Meningococcal vaccinations combined with a shift in Healthcare Professionals and Decision Makers priorities. Extending Meningococcal Vaccination Programmes across Europe is now more critical than before COVID, especially as health-seeking behaviours have changed in the pandemic.

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  • Optimize Vaccination Coverage

    In times like these, it is crucial to optimize vaccination coverage with good catch up opportunities for all those who have missed vaccinations. But also to keep everyone sharp by raising awareness of safe prevention of serious disease by vaccination, particularly now, when health care is overwhelmed by COVID-19, but also afterwards since vaccine-derived protection against vaccine-preventable disease remains essential to safe lives.

  • Meningococcal vaccination

    Meningococcal vaccination: Now more than ever. Do not miss it

  • Pain and Permanent Disability can be avoided

    As healthcare professionals, we have to explain to our patients the risks of dying from diseases that we can now prevent with vaccines? Just imagine pain and permanent disability due to conditions that could be avoided by vaccination through better, longer-lasting protection.

  • Benefit of Complimentary Vaccines

    During these times when the elderly (and at risk) adults are at the frontline of Covid's severity, this seems the right time to emphasize the benefit of complementary vaccines (as a whole, including in the package protection against pneumococci, influenza, zoster and meningitis (at least ACWY)