As part of EIP's ongoing Campaigns to Increase Vaccination Rates, please provide a short statement that best summarises your view on LifeCourse Vaccinations.

EIP's statement: Building up health system resilience is vital for overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, or any other future threats. Increasing vaccination coverage rates across Europe, and across all stages of life, is the most important health priority in a generation. 

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  • More professionals needed to be fully trained - on Vaccines

    For an impact on the long-term on LifeCourse Vaccination, it cannot be successful if it does not go in parallel with professional careers pan professional development on vaccines for health providers at all levels.

  • A Right - not a Privilege

    Vaccination at every age and stage of life should be a right not a privilege. It is vital that we work at all levels (the public, HPCs and policy makers) to make sure that LCI becomes the norm.

  • Ageing well on Daily Basis

    The prevention of infectious diseases vaccine preventable is an essential part of ageing well on a daily basis

  • Increase vaccination rates for the older generation

    Increasing vaccination coverage rates is an important element in the range of health prevention measures developed to increase the healthy life expectancy of the older population.

  • Collective Agreed Polices Across Europe

    LifeCourse Vaccinations must be the collective agreed policy of all governments across Europe. European-wide policies, resources (human, financial etc) must be invested to ensure LifeCourse vaccinations becomes a reality, the socio-economic and health benefits are enormous.

  • Sustainable Development Goals

    Vaccination is a major tool to combat communicable diseases. As recognised by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 3.3), strong vaccination systems are an integral part of well-functioning health systems.

  • Healthcare Professionals should take the LEAD

    It is of most importance for healthcare professionals to take the lead and reveal the true importance of vaccination coverage rates, which may truly affect efforts to combat any future pandemic.

  • Strong Vaccine Infrastructure

    A strong vaccine infrastructure is important for public confidence in vaccinations and provides an infrastructure which can be co-opted to tackle new infectious threats.

  • Meningitis - Life Course Immunisation Calendar Needed

    As a patients organisation that fights against Meningitis, our statement is that we are dealing with a disease that may affect anyone at any age. To protect us and defeat Meningitis we need a life course immunisation calendar.

  • Vaccines not just for Children!

    Vaccines aren't just for children, they are an essential component of a healthy lifestyle across the life course and a way of protecting society as a whole.

  • Be More Active!

    The only way to overcome the considerable challenges that vaccination programs are facing is to be more active on vaccines! Civic participation in healthcare policies