Please propose one key vaccine challenge that you feel is the most important to address first? Please propose an action where you can make an impact/action from an individual perspective, through your organisation, or by working with EIP and partners to make a difference?

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  • Increase Awareness in the Elderly

    We have to increase awareness of infectious diseases in ageing individuals, with or without risk factors, especially those that are vaccine preventable.

  • Educate the Public on the Early Signs of Septicaemia/Meningitis

    Alongside a focus on increasing the immunisation rate, it is most important to educate the public on signs and symptoms that might signify septicaemia/meningitis in the early stages, ensuring that public health messages about self-isolation for "COVID-19-like illness" do not cause tragic delay in asking professional health care.

  • High Vaccination Coverage

    Keep high vaccination coverage to prevent serious disease and loss of lives

  • Social Media Campaign

    There is a need for social media campaigns specially targeting adolescent and young people

  • Lack of Active Engagement

    Lack of more active engagement of healthcare professionals in reaching out to patients in order to explain the importance of Meningococcal Vaccination. Training and supervising of frontline healthcare professionals' activities aiming at demystifying concept of vaccination among patients.  

  • Resurgence of Infections

    Once the COVID-19 pandemic has been contained by vaccinations and societies re-open, I am concerned that we will see a resurgence of all kinds of infections other than covid, including meningococcal disease. We must anticipate and get vaccine coverage rates back up to adequate levels before we get there

  • Defeating Meningitis is Within our Hands

    Defeating meningitis is in our hands. We know the disease. We have vaccines to fight it. Any person has the right to have access to prevention and live without the fear of contracting meningitis. It is not a question of numbers: data show better results each year but meningitis is not a disease of the past. It is our task to help decision Makers to introduce all vaccines that can prevent meningitis. Families are grieving or dealing with severe after-effects all of their lives. Now is the time and the action is to support the WHO roadmap called Defeating Meningitis 2030