Action: Work with policymakers to tackle the lack of funding and recommendations for preventative adult vaccinations by considering the societal benefits (such as reducing productivity loss) when accessing the value of new vaccines. Map current adult Vaccination Infrastructure across the EU and facilitating access in terms of vaccination points to adult vaccinations.

Action: Position papers sent by medical communities to the healthcare authorities preparing the infrastructure for COVID-19 vaccinations urging them to take into consideration that this infrastructure should be built and structured towards a lifecourse immunization policy protecting all at all ages, of all known and future vaccine-preventable diseases.

Action: Launch a campaign utilising the increased awareness for the seasonal influenza vaccinations and the upcoming new COVID-19 vaccinations to promote adult vaccinations and allow all to understand their value.

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  • Promote Further Vaccines

    Use whatever opportunities become available during the roll out of COVID-19 vaccinations to promote other vaccines - for example posters/leaflets in all delivery centres; leaflets handed to all recipients of the COVID vaccine; EU-wide campaign with consistent messages. (2) Vaccination at every age and stage of life should be a right not a privilege. It is vital that we work at all levels (the public, HPCs and policy makers) to make sure that LCI becomes the norm.

  • Co-Administration of Vaccines

    (1)  Vaccinating adults of any ages where they are or stay (either at work or at the point of care or in nursing home facilities) is an essential measure. Due to the increased interest of the population in influenza vaccines this year, try simultaneously to make them benefit (co-administration) from other useful vaccines: against pneumococci, zoster or tetanus. (2) Prevention of infectious diseases vaccine preventable is an essential part of ageing well on a daily basis.

  • Increasing Vaccination Coverage Rates

    (1) Yes, the COVID-19 experience may strengthen the readiness of older persons, to get vaccines, in particular against influenza and pneumococcal diseases. Further, older persons' immunization status should be one of the aspects checked in all routine medical check-ups. This is, unfortunately, not yet the rule in all European countries. (2) Preventative adult vaccinations is not only recommended to reduce productivity loss in the working adult population, it can only considerably reduce the costs of health and social care for the increasing older population. (3) Increasing vaccination coverage rates is an important element in the range of health prevention measures developed to increase the healthy life expectancy of the older population. (4) See above: ensure that the question about the patient's immunization status is included in all routine medical check-ups

  • National Vaccination Day

    Covid-19 is a one time experience and the vaccination effort should be seen like a national vaccination day or week or month to demonstrate that it can be done.