Action: Healthcare professionals, politicians and public figure must lead by example by taking the vaccine and speak publicly that they have been vaccinated and they do not only recommend vaccination for others.

Action: An EU wide campaign promoting COVID vaccinations across the EU with supplementary national campaigns to explain and reassure at the country level.

Action: An EU level monitor for COVID vaccine confidence to highlight any barriers as early as possible and coordinate actions to be taken simultaneously across all European countries.

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  • Transparency

    Transparency and facts are key elements but most probably not enough as this pandemic situation is highly emotional for many people. Counterbalance clearly the global costs of these Covid vaccines versus the actual costs for our public insurance systems with hospitalisations, ICU, life lost costs, outpatient care / visits, costs of diagnostic tests (I haven't seen so far any global study in the field...) to create confidence in these so new vaccines (either new technology: mRNA or lack of perspective with such condensed developments especially in the safety field): It will be tough and needs a highly prepared frame.

  • Trust in Vaccination

    Be the first to trust in vaccination, be united: an unprecedented fundamental role in the of this vaccination campaign  - collaborate and "USE" civic and patients' associations