Action: Medical communities in each country to create a reporting system allowing individual healthcare professionals to report incidents and sources of misinformation as mentioned to them by their patients.

Action: Medical Communities to report sources of misinformation to healthcare authorities as a potential public-health threat, directly address fake scientific evidence posted and publicly denouncing these sources by warning the public.

Action: Educate healthcare professionals on how to understand the various phycological types of their patients, how to engage in a discussion that could lead to a behavioural change and how to best counter conspiracy theories in face-face consultation with families.

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  • Anti-Vaxxers

    Do not respond directly to these different anti vaxxers as if one does, it gives reality and life to these movements.  Create a positive momentum to sustain in the long term collective actions: Tell emotional stories (favourable to vaccines) - give simple facts, with reliable sources - educate kids, teenagers, working groups - promote continuous education and information for all HCWs (especially nurses, mid-wives, pharmacists).

  • Older Generation

    The education of healthcare professionals particularly important when dealing with older persons, there may be less influence by conspiracy theories (older persons are not so active in social media), but more insecurity, more fear that the vaccine is an intervention doing more harm than good to an older person with a range of health problems. This insecurity must be addressed.

  • Counter Vaccine Misinformation

    UNICEF has a new/forthcoming Guide to Countering Vaccine Misinformation in the COVID Era. Contains practical actions: e.g. setting up rumour logs, determining when to respond, how to address myths without prompting the 'backfire effect' where the myth is inadvertently reinforced.

  • Peer to Peer

    Make positive messages more compelling and make platforms more personal - peer to peer and cross-generational

  • Reinforce the Role

    While the underlying, systemic action would be to restore trust in public institutions, the downstream action could be working to "depoliticise" discussions around vaccination by reinforcing the role and visibility of non-partisan experts/committees in vaccination debates and decision-making.

  • Education is the key.

    Respect. When they do not want vaccines for their children, they really think it is the best decision for them. They only need scientific evidence easily explained.

  • HCPs to set an example

    HCP should give the example and vaccinate themselves without doubts, to demonstrate no existence of conspiracy plans. Send a UNIFIED and clear message on the vaccination utility.

  • Collaborate with the civic and patients associations

    Use and collaborate with the civic and patients associations at national and EU level to drive the correct and unified messages: from citizens to citizens!

  • Explain the importance of vaccination

    Explain the importance of vaccination for our and our relative's health. Show and explain without fear the possible side effects and how they are little compared with the COVID-19 effects on the whole society.