The Working Group aims to identify the changes in awareness, understanding, and anti-vax sentiments among the communities due to the experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Online misinformation is on the rise, equipped with more tools and fueled by the increased interest of vast populations in vaccines and protection. This reality, dangerous as it is, might offer a unique opportunity for the future.


Prof. Sir Terence Stephenson, University College London (UK)


Virtual: Thursday 3rd December 2020 (14:00-16:00 CET)



  • Briefing 1: Risk and Opportunity - Reviewing the Rise of Online Misinformation, Fueled by the increased interest of the World in Vaccines and Protection from COVID-19
    Gary Finnegan, Vaccines Today (IRE)

Discussion Points 

  • Discussion Point 1: We Must Become More Successful in Countering Misinformation from Anti-vax Activists in Preparation for the COVID Vaccine. How can we counter conspiracy theorists in an era when vaccine confidence is more important than ever?       
  • Discussion Point 2: The Challenges and Opportunities the Demand for a COVID-19 Vaccine Presents. How should can we navigate the crisis to come out stronger in terms of vaccine uptake? What can we do to educate, establish points of trusted information and better communicate from both the HCP and public's perspectives?
  • Discussion Point 3: Evaluating the Practicalities and Communication of Future COVID Vaccination Programmes in Europe. It’s essential we get it right, both in order to secure uptake of the COVID vaccination but also not to jeopardise uptake of other vaccinations. What is the best distribution and access pathway? How must we train HCPs and communicate to the population to ensure acceptance and understanding of a new COVID vaccination?


  • Jess McNamara, European Pharmaceutical Students' Association (EPSA)
  • Daphne Holt, Coalition for Life-Course Immunisation (CLCI)

More briefings, presenters and commenters to be announced

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