The Working Group targets to establish the understanding and provide the evidence that vaccinations for all ages against all vaccine preventable diseases are the main strategy to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, minimize the danger of other disease outbreaks in the middle of a pandemic, and to build herd immunity against a number of diseases protecting the vulnerable members of society, allowing the health system to build up their capacity, protect their resources and stay focused to address the current emerging pandemic of COVID-19.



Thursday 3rd December 2020 (11:00-13:00 CET)

Chair: Sir Terence Stephenson


  • Shifting the Paradigm: Using Disease Outbreaks to Build Resilient Health Systems (10 minutes)
    Daniel Bausch
  • How can we make health systems more resilient to COVID-19 and other crises? (10 minutes)
    Siddartha Datta (WHO)

  • The Role of Vaccination Across the LifeCourse in the Sustainability of Healthcare Systems - The Health Care Professionals’ Perspective on Life-Course Immunisation (10 minutes)
    Roy Philip

  • The COVID Equation - Understanding and Communicating LifeCourse Vaccinations' Role in the Reduction of Hospitalisations, Ambulatory Care Visits, and Medical Interventions (10 minutes)
    Anna Odone and Carlo Signorelli


  • Discussion Point 1
    Life Course Vaccinations are a Cornerstone of Health System Resilience.

    What must be done from a policy perspective to secure prioritisation of vaccinations in healthcare budgets in the COVID-19 era?

  • Discussion Point 2
    Closing the Gap of the Missing Adult Vaccinations by Tackling Low Funding and Lack of Guidance.

    How should we close the gap of missing adult vaccinations? Especially as an effective adult vaccination infrastructure will be so important for COVID vaccination implementation?

    We need your views and ideas on the various challenging issues that will be discussed.


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Commenters:● Jess McNamara (EPSA) ● Daphne Holt (CLCI) ● Nenad Miljković (EAHP) ● Mihai Craiu ● Barbara Rath (ViVI) ● Mariano Votta (ACN) ● Roy Philip ● Catherine Weil Olivier ● Silvia Romeo (Think Young) ● Marianne Chagnon (UEMS) ● Elizabeth Adams (EFN) ● Alison Maaasen (EuroHealthNet) ● Maria Viegas (EMSA) ● Sam Nye (CoMO) ● Daniela Quaggia (ACN)

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We need your views and ideas on the various challenging issues that will be discussed. By utilising our collective experience we will not only overcome the current crisis but we will make sure that all are protected against all vaccine-preventable diseases.


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