➡️   Roy Philip,  Consultant Neonatologist & Adjunct Professor of Neonatology, University Maternity Hospital Limerick GEMS, University of Limerick, Ireland
➡️   Catherine Weil-Olivier, Honorary Professor of Pediatrics and Independent Expert, Paris VII University, France
➡️   Martine Ingvorsen, Policy Officer, European Commission, Belgium
➡️   Siddhartha Datta, Programme Manager Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization Division of Health Emergencies and Communicable Diseases, WHO, Denmark
➡️   Steffen AmannDirector of Professional Development - European Association of Hospital Pharmacist (EAHP), Belgium
➡️   Daphne HoltChair, Coalition for Life-Course Immunisation (CLCI), France
➡️   Elena Moya,  Co-ordinator for Europe and Africa - COMO - Confederation of Meningitis Organisations, Spain
➡️   Valtyr ThorsLead for paediatric infectious diseases at the Children’s Hospital Reykjavik, and adjunct lecturer at the University of Iceland, Iceland
➡️   Patricia Bruijning-Verhagen,  Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Julius Center Research Program Infectious Diseases, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands
➡️   Irene Rivero-Calle,  Consultant in Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases, University Clinical Hospital of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
➡️   Vytautas UsonisProfessor of Paediatrics at Clinic of Paediatrics, Institute of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University, Lithuania
➡️   Malcolm Taylor,  General Secretary Coalition for Life-Course Immunisation (CLCI), United Kingdom
➡️   Gertraud DayeBoard Member of the NGO Committee on Ageing, UN, Vienna, Austria
➡️   Hanna NohynekChief Physician, Infectious Disease Control and Vaccinations Unit Department of Health Security, National Institute for Health and Welfare THL Helsinki, Finland
➡️   Carlo SignorelliProfessor of Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Parma and at the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele of Milan and Director of the Post-Graduate School in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine. Italy
➡️   Philippe de WalsProfessor and Director of the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine at Laval University, Quebec, Canada
➡️   Francisco Gimenez-Sanchez, Hispalense Institute of Pediatrics. Balmis Institute of Vaccines, Spain
➡️   Anna OdoneAssociate Professor of Public Health - Director of the School of Public Health, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University Milan, Italy
➡️   Barbara RathPediatric Consultant and Infectious Disease Specialist, Chair of the Vienna Vaccines Initiative, Germany
➡️   Lieke SandersProfessor in Pediatric Immunology & Infectious Diseases at Utrecht
University Medical Centre and Chief Scientific Officer at the Institute of Public health and the Environment, Netherlands



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The action plan is a work in progress. We are currently collecting ideas and suggestions from all stakeholders and members on specifics campaigns that will be implemented in collaboration with the participating organisations and any other who wishes to contribute. 

Target 1:  Increase Maternal Vaccination Uptake Through HCP Advocacy and Educating all HCPs of the Benefits of LifeCourse Vaccinations

Need: There is currently insufficient potency of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to influence the immunization uptake of expectant mothers. Also, a related need exists for a more uniformed and integrated Healthcare education system in order to avoid different messages that are given by different HCPs (midwives, nurses, doctors).



Proposed Actions - A series of Vaccine Webinars and free-to-view online training courses each aimed at the role of all HCPs in the care team and overcoming the current mixed messages provided to patients regarding vaccines.

Target 2: Making Vaccination part of a Healthy Lifestyle Choice - Increasing Maternal Vaccination Uptake and Support for Vaccinations from an Early Age

Need: It is time for vaccinations to “Go Viral” in the social media era. Vaccination needs to be promoted as part of healthy living and not as a prevention of illness. There’s also a need for positive information about vaccination needs to start early in schools by promoting vaccination as part of a healthy lifestyle and with communication strategies that are age-appropriate.



Proposed Actions - An HCP led vaccine awareness campaign connecting with schools and civic society to make vaccines part of a healthy lifestyle choice.

Target 3:  Increasing Healthcare Professional's Personal  Vaccination Rates

Need: Despite clear evidence of the need for all HCPs to be vaccinated, high levels of personal HCP vaccine uptake remains an aspiration in many counties. HCPs need to be vaccinated not only to more effectively persuade people to be vaccinated themselves, but also to prevent direct infections to patients.


  Proposed Actions - A pledge campaign for HCPs to vaccinate themselves and publicise their latest vaccines and recent vaccine schedule online to communicate their confidence in vaccines and show their patients what they are protected from.

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