The Working Group aims to discuss the evidence on influenza in two dimensions; 1) vaccinations could be beneficial either for patients infected by SARS-COV-2 directly and 2) by reducing unnecessary hospitalizations this year helping to maintain health systems capacity and resilience. The group will also explore all aspects related to an increased demand for influenza vaccinations, from the behaviours driving the demand for the availability of vaccines.


Prof. Sir Terence Stephenson, University College London (UK)


Virtual: Friday 4th December 2020 (13:00-15:00)



  • Briefing 1: COVID Vaccine Update - Can and Should Influenza Vaccines be Delivered at the Same Time as a COVID-19 Vaccine?
    Prof. Timo Vesikari, Vaccine Research Center (FI)
  • Briefing 2: Lessons Learned from Previous Influenza Seasons to Enhance Vaccine Uptake in the Epidemic.
    Dace Zavadska, Infectologist and Hepatologists Society (LT)

Discussion Points 

  • Discussion Point 1: Influenza Vaccines Are More Important than Ever. Yet No Country is above the 75% Target Rate and in Any Case Are Recent Increases in Coverage Sustainable. How can we make sure that an increased uptake is sustainable in the long-term and not just a short-term trend for this year only?

  • Discussion Point 2: Healthcare Worker Influenza Vaccination Rates are More Critical Than Ever to Protect Themselves, Their Patients and Their Families - Especially So As Risk Factors for COVID are the Same as Seasonal Influenza. What must we do to communicate that all HCPs must take the seasonal influenza vaccine to prevent patients from getting COVID-19 through weakened immune systems?


  • Prof. Elisabeth Sanders, UMC Utrecht (NL)
  • Jess McNamara, European Pharmaceutical Students' Association (EPSA)
  • Gary Finnegan, Vaccines Today

More briefings, presenters and commenters to be announced

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