The Innovative Immunisation Hubs (‘ImmuHubs’) project will establish proactive partnerships with citizen groups, public health agencies, key stakeholders and the general public to improve access to vaccination in disadvantaged, isolated, and difficult to reach population groups in 8 European countries, according to best practices for community partnerships.

The needs and objectives of the project are set within the context of recent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases that have brought to light important gaps in immunization coverage in Europe. Specific population groups have not had sufficient access to vaccines due to socioeconomic, cultural, geographic or health reasons. Find out more about the project at 

Visit the Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative website as further details are released - As well as further information on the Strengthening Education and Knowledge on Immunization (SEKI)  website at:  Also, ViVI will  work with patient organizations to better understand the subjective impact of flu-like symptoms: further information at