Working Together to Protect all Against Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Vaccines Together is an initiative and online collaboration hub run by EIP, targeting to increase vaccination coverage rates across Europe, and across all stages of life, by facilitating collaboration, best practices exchange, ideas and educational resources sharing among organisations, associations, and institutions involved in promoting vaccinations.

Vaccines Together's Expert Working Groups are a unique feature of the initiative and are tasked with identifying and supporting targeted interventions and actions to increase vaccination rates in a particular disease field or policy area by advocating universal immunity against all vaccines preventable diseases for all age groups. The Working Groups discuss and debate the latest policy changes across all regions, the latest surveillance data, the strategies to overcome vaccine hesitancy and then coordinate the recommended actions to take between the various participating organisations.

EIP works in partnership as part of the EU Vaccines Coalition. Topics are selected to correspond directly with specific needs that have been included in the EU 2022 Road Map for the Implementation of Actions identified by the European Commission.

In addition to the Working Groups, Vaccines Together aims to build vaccine confidence among healthcare professionals directly through targeted campaigns and free-to-view online vaccine training courses. Explore the dedicated sections of the portal to find out more about our latest campaigns as well as our free-to-view online trainings for healthcare professionals.

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