Ass Prof. Public Health Evaluation and Medical Anthropology London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK)

I am a medical anthropologist with a professional background in nursing and community health development. I have been involved in research relating to vaccines and immunisation for 17 years and have experience of coordinating community health and immunisation programmes in Haiti. My research in this field spans paediatric clinical vaccine trials, organisational, qualitative and mixed methods research in the UK related to the delivery of vaccine programmes, vaccine trial participation, public engagement, acceptance of new vaccines, as well as longer term ethnographic fieldwork related to community engagement, vaccine trials and ethics in western Kenya.

In post-doctoral work I have studied the role and value of recicprocal monitoring in clinical trials, and have been part of a multi-disciplinary research team are developing a mobile health self-monitoring system for patients with heart failure. As part of this research I conducted home visits, to observe how patients were integrating use of this system into their daily lives, and do talk to them about their experiences of adopting technology for self-monitoring.