Tracking the Vaccine Opinions of 45,000 Paediatrics Healthcare Professionals

As part of EIP’s ongoing Vaccines Together work, and in preparation for the annual Life Course Immunisation Summit and Vaccines Working Groups each December, EIP runs several short surveys each month to the EIP network of 45,000 HCPs. The idea is that we will build up an understanding of paediatricians' current views on various aspects of established and new vaccines. The results will help us better understand barriers to uptake and educational gaps and inform policies to increase understanding and improve coverage. 

The survey will usually take the format of 6 multiply choice questions on each area/topic. Topics covered include COVID vaccinations of children, RSV burden and prevention and influenza vaccines. Surveys are open to all healthcare professionals across EIP’s global network, with the first questions establishing where each respondent is based, allowing us to identify national, regional, and international vaccine trends and barriers. Each survey will be shared with the corresponding Working Group and partner organisations to shape future strategies, campaigns and initiatives that Vaccines Together focuses on.

Please click on the links above to access the current surveys running. Thank you for taking the surveys and sharing your views.