There are an estimated 33 million new RSV infections worldwide yearly, and 10% are severe enough for hospital admission. RSV infection is a significant problem globally and a considerable concern in the paediatric world, with 95% of children infected at some point until the age of five years. However, the true healthcare and resource burden are often unknown. On top of this lack of surveillance of the actual burden is an education gap on RSV infections and new prevention strategies on the horizon.

The RSV burden survey focuses on both the burden and prevention strategies. Your input will be vital to informing the priorities of the RSV Working Group and the linked education campaigns and initiatives. In particular, the 6 question multiply choice survey aims to establish: Pediatricians' evaluation of the risk associated with RSV infections, the perceived burden of the RSV infection on hospital facilities and clinics, which children's age groups should be protected against RSV infection and the views on new prevention tools and feasible strategies to reduce the RSV burden.

Please take the survey below and share your views. Thank you

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