As part of EIP's ongoing Campaigns to Increase Vaccination Rates, please provide a short statement that best summarises your view on Vaccine Confidence and Misinformation.

EIP's statement: Efforts to develop a safe and efficient vaccine for COVID-19 will be pointless without widespread uptake. Strengthening Vaccine Confidence will help us get our lives back. It’s essential we are better at communicating to the public, both in order to secure uptake of the COVID vaccination but also not to jeopardise uptake of other vaccinations. 

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  • Misinformation

    Misinformation on vaccines has been around since Edward Jenner. We must be united, unambiguous in our messaging, and lead by example.

  • Pharmacists have a Role to Play

    The European Pharmaceutical Students' Association advocates for pharmacist-delivered vaccination and combatting misinformation about vaccines to the public. Without improving awareness across the public and within healthcare professional sectors, the provision of the Covid-19 vaccine will simply not be good enough. More responsibility should be given to pharmacists across Europe to help in tackling the pandemic and improve awareness at the community level.

  • Strengthen Vaccine Confidence

  • Vaccines are an Opportunity to allow us to Live Longer

    Vaccines save lives. It is the only medical invention capable of making our lives longer. We have to think about vaccines as a present, as a great opportunity, as a gift we wish for anyone in this world.

  • Opportunity!

    We have an opportunity with the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines to demonstrate the importance of vaccination in daily life and to provide clear information that will support the increased uptake of vaccines beyond the pandemic.