Dr Remesh Kumar R works with Apollo Hospitals, the renowned chain of Health Care Providers in South East Asia. He is the Senior Consultant & Head of the Department of Pediatrics at Apollo Cochin, India.

After his Post Graduation, he pursued a special interest in Pediatric Environmental Health & was actively involved in training sessions in this domain. He is a Diplomate of Pediatric Environmental Health from the International Pediatric Association. He has been a member of the Environmental Technical Advisory Group of IPA from 2013 to 2016. Pediatric Allergy and Respiratory Disorders have also been his areas of special interest.

Dr Kumar is the current National President of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP ), the 38000-strong representative body of Paediatricians in India. He has been the Secretary General of the Academy for two years -in 2018 & 2019. Having been at the highest echelons of IAP, Dr Kumar was able to contribute immensely to capacity building of the Pediatric fraternity in this part of the world through various innovative academic modules and the Standard Treatment Guidelines in Pediatric Office Practice which are being released 3 per week from 1 January 2022 itself. Alongside, the community health programs, especially the U5MR 25 by 2025 initiated under his stewardship, have been well appreciated in catalysing the efforts of the Government of India in reducing the Newborn & Under Five Mortality in the country. Immunisation campaigns especially reaching out to the zero dose children and promotion of optional vaccinations, and efforts at the elimination of Tuberculosis have been other territories where Dr Remesh Kumar has had an enviable presence. Dr Kumar was awarded FIAP, the Fellowship of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, in 2011 for his immense contributions to the promotion of child health in the country.

Dr Kumar has a long list of publications and editorial board services from his end. He has been the Chief Editor of ENriCH, the official publication of the Environment Chapter of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics for four years (2013-2017 ) and a few other reputed publications like “Pediatric Companion’. He has been a regular Faculty at Pediatric Conferences & a Master Trainer and Faculty for more than 12 academic Modules in his professional career, spanning more than 28 years.