Professor of Paediatrics, paediatric nephrologist, formerly Chief of the Department of Paediatric Nephrology at the Institute of Mother and Child Health Care of Serbia, Belgrade; Paediatric Association of Serbia, Academy of Medical Sciences of the Serbian Medical Society, REPUBLIC OF SERBIA

Radovan  Bogdanović, MD, PhD, graduated in medicine and specialized in Paediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade (Serbia). As he soon developed an interest in paediatric nephrology, he spent several  months in training at the Guy's Hospital and GOS Hospital, London. Paediatric nephrology remained his main field of interest over more than 35 years his medical career. 

Until now, he was an author or co-author in 109 articles indexed in Pubmed covering various topics in paediatric nephrology or related fields, cited over 2000 times. A large number of these articles resulted from the long-lasting cooperation with renowned centers in both Europe and North America. His interest in children and adolescents health care led him to be appointed at the position of president of the Expert Commission for Mother and Child Health Care of the Republic of Serbia (1999-2000 and 2008-2014). National programme for advancing maternal, children and youth health care, as well as number of guidelines has been adopted during that time.

As an active member of the Board of the Pediatric Association of Serbia (PAS), including position of President (2010-2018), Prof Bogdanović has launched a number of actions with the aims at improving both the knowledge of paediatricians through continuing medical education  and the children and adolescents health care. Among them, it is worth to point out  Paediatric School of Serbia, one-week annual course (chairman, 2003-2017); a number of professional meetings; Textbook of Paediatrics for postgraduate students (main co-editor); by projects on early childhood development, including  norming of the A&SQ-3 for Serbian children, this field was introduced into pre- and postgraduate medical education and into everyday paediatric practice.  During his presidency, Prof. Bogdanović was member of the EPA/UNEPSA General Assembly, and co-chaired of sessions at the Europaediatric Congresses.

As far as immunization is concerned, it is worth to point out that Prof. Bogdanović is amongst leading professionals in Serbia who make a continuing efforts for improving  all aspects of vaccination in children. The continuing campaign "The struggle for immunization" , launched within PAS in 2015 year, has greatly contributed in overcoming barriers. Prof. Bogdanović participated actively  the last two Vaccination Focus Group sessions at EiP.