VaccinesTogether's Expert Working Groups aim to facilitate and support changes through collaboration and targeted interventions and actions. Each Working Group's goal is to increase vaccination rates in a particular disease field or policy area and to advocate universal immunity against all vaccines preventable diseases for all age groups. The Working Groups discuss and debate the latest policy changes across all regions, the latest surveillance data, the strategies to overcome vaccine hesitancy and then coordinate the recommended actions to take between the various participating organisations.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic we are living in a new era, one that is affecting all aspects of our lives, including our healthcare priorities. While previous barriers to increase vaccination rates still exist, new and urgent challenges have now been added that significantly affect our ability to protect all against Vaccine-Preventable Diseases. The Healthcare Community and Policymakers must take action now, not only to recover the lost vaccine coverage over the past months but also to address those new and emerging challenges before they become insurmountable and established norms within our Societies and healthcare systems. 4 Stakeholder Working Groups were convened in 2020 to tackle these urgent challenges and barriers.

View the 2020 Working Group agenda, recordings of the expert briefings and participants lists below: