LifeCourse Immunisation as a Crucial Factor in Increasing Health Systems Resilience Across Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic adds new challenges for vaccinations but also opens up a number of opportunities. It is the medical community’s responsibility to act in a timely manner, advise how these challenges should be addressed, and to find the best ways to utilize the collective experiences from healthcare systems, societies and governments across Europe.

EIP's LifeCourse Vaccinations and Health Systems Resilience Expert Working Group has been formed as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the World and pushed European Healthcare Systems to their limits.

The Working Group's aim is to facilitate and support healthcare professionals and policymakers to prioritise vaccinations and be as prepared as possible, in terms of overall vaccination uptake, in order to alleviate burdens of healthcare demand in future pandemic. By bringing together the key organisations, opinion leaders, associations, and policymakers the LifeCourse Vaccinations and Health Systems Resilience Expert Working Group are working throughout the year on initiatives, campaigns and recommendations to place vaccinations among the top priorities when designing health systems resilience during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever the Working Group are tasked with making sure routine vaccinations are not postponed, as the possible consequences of disruptions on vaccinations and health outcomes and care demands could be unprecedented, at a time when resources are stretched.

Members of the Working Group are working online to prepare the basis report and the discussion points for the virtual working group meeting taking place this September. Members connect through the Vaccines Together Platform, suggest ideas, evaluate proposed campaigns and contribute in needed content. Action plans are shared with stakeholders including the participating organisations, institutions to receive feedback and collect priorities and suggestions on activities and campaigns connected to the Group's work.

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