Bioethics and Law Initiative Tel Aviv University Faculty of Medicine (IL)


MARGHERITA BRUSA earned a Degree in Pedagogy and Philosophy from the University of Padua, a Master's in Bioethics, and a Ph.D. in Preventive Medicine and Public Health from the University of Complutense, Madrid. She earned a second Ph.D. in Epidemiology and Community Medicine from the Department of Pediatrics, University of Padua. She spent a fellowship in bioethics, at Georgetown University, Washington D.C. Margherita has been a member of diverse hospital ethics committees in Spain, Italy, and the USA. She also taught and guided the first bioethics committee in the Palestinian Authority, the Caritas Baby Hospital, Bethlehem. She coordinated two Master's programs in bioethics and taught numerous classes to undergraduate, graduate, and continuous education programs in medical ethics in Spain, Italy, and Israel. Her research focuses on ethics and policy issues in pediatrics, as well as on theoretical bioethics. She has been working on the concept of the best interest of children, shared decision-making with adolescents, and the pediatric triangle of care. She has authored peer-reviewed academic publications in bioethics and is currently co-editing a book on ethics and personalized medicine, forthcoming by Oxford University Press.