Please propose one key vaccine challenge that you feel is the most important to address first? Please propose an action where you can make an impact/action from an individual perspective, through your organisation, or by working with EIP and partners to make a difference?

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  • Pathogens jumping....

    A key challenge in the coming years will be how to reduce the risk of such pandemics, where pathogens are jumping from species to species, from happening in the first place. Leaders and policy makers across the world must understand that the destruction of wild habitats to produce agricultural land will increase the risk of species to species transfer. Perhaps this is the time for joined-up thinking (and advocacy). We have the opportunity for EU leverage on this topic at the moment because the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) is currently chaired by an environmentalist. This is purely a personal thought!

  • Blueprint - Covid-19

    Developing a blueprint to provide the solution to addressing the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine. An appropriate model for the COVID-19 vaccine can be adapted for all other vaccines.

  • Consistency.

    Consistent recommendations on vaccination are a key challenge in the adoption of a life-course approach to vaccines. FEAM is willing to work with other stakeholders to develop consistent recommendations, including on adult vaccination in Europe.

  • Be more SPECIFIC

    Add more contents, i.e. specific vaccines. Not only influenza but also hepatitis B and meningococcal and pneumococcal vaccines. Maybe MMR?

  • Mistrust of Vaccines

    One of the main vaccine challenges is still a general mistrust of vaccines among both the healthcare professionals and the public. Research on vaccines' results should become more comprehensible and overcome this mistrust.

  • Strong and Clear!

    Strong and clear messaging to explain the benefits of vaccination and to encourage uptake by the general population.

  • Present - Not a Punishment

    The most important thing is safety. We need to send the message that any new vaccine is safe for our health. In fact, thanks to this vaccine, our life will be healthier. It is a present. Not a punishment.

  • Lack of Funding

    The lack of funding to support vaccination as a preventative measure is one of the most fundamental challenges to overcome. Raising awareness of the economic impacts of vaccination and how an LCI approach makes sense from a long-term perspective seems a natural first step to overcome this, using the voices of multiple stakeholders.