Chair Associate ReSViNET Foundation, Chair RSV Patient Network, Patient Advisory Board

Lies Kriek was trained as a pediatric intensive care nurse at the Erasmus MC-Sophia Children's Hospital in the Netherlands. In 2019, she started as a research assistant at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, the Netherlands, in the RSV research group of Professor Dr. Louis Bont. She worked on several RSV studies.

Since 2021, Lies has been chair of the RSV Patient Network/Patient Advisory Board/ReSViNET.

The ReSViNET foundation is a global network composed of nominated investigators in the field of RSV. ReSViNET works with a strong patient advisory board (a.k.a. RSV Patient Network) which is active in various activities of the network, including research activities.

ReSViNET/RSV Patient Network was an affiliated partner in RESCEU.

ReSViNET/RSV Patient Network has been a partner in PROMISE Consortium, since November 2021.