Please propose one key vaccine challenge that you feel is the most important to address first? Please propose an action where you can make an impact/action from an individual perspective, through your organisation, or by working with EIP and partners to make a difference?

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  • Confidence!

    Confidence is something one builds for years, let's show the real confidence in vaccines through the numbers of lives they saved.

  • Disadvantaged Communities

    The key challenge would be ensuring that the vaccine is received by those who need it most, namely disadvantaged communities who have suffered worse outcomes from the COVID-19 "syndemic." The action would be ensuring that policy makers at EU and national level consider health equity as a key factor in decision-making around prioritisation of early doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

  • See the people behind Vaccine Development

    We need to see politicians and scientists having the vaccine. We are already seeing lots of online comment along the lines of 'You first!' Equally, we need to see the people behind vaccine development. Headlines about the 'Pfizer vaccine' or 'Oxford vaccine' are not as inspiring as seeing the faces or researchers and understanding what motivates them. 

  • Resources and Support

    We must provide the resources and support to frontline healthcare workers so that every individual professional can maximise their contribution to promoting and ensuring vaccination uptake.

  • Global Action Required

    The challenge is global - while leaders of powerful countries continue to pedal lies and half truths then myths and misinformation will flourish. We must be prepared to take our messages to the World Health assembly, to Davos and beyond, and above all we must act together and speak with one voice.

  • Healthcare Studies at University Level

    Teaching vaccination and misinformation about vaccines efficiently at university level in healthcare studies. By working with stakeholders, we can work together to tackle this from the root issue.

  • Conduct a Survey

    We want to conduct a survey to know the confidence of medical students in the COVID-19 vaccine and what are the reasons for any doubts, and then tackle such issues through campaigns.

  • Vaccines are Safe!

    Vaccines are safe. It is the only way to be protected against a preventable infectious disease.

  • Distrust in Vaccines

    A distrust in vaccines is one of the key challenges right now, providing consistent, accurate and accessible information from multiple sources (ie HCPs, public figures, patient groups) is one area CoMO will be contributing.

  • Successful Distribution

    Key challenge - How can we ensure successful distribution and access pathways and communicating effectively to the population to ensure acceptance and understanding of a new COVID vaccination? Action - to build a team of voices able to put things in perspective and to offer clear, easy to understand, reliable information on COVID-19 Vaccine safety and efficiency.