Please propose one key vaccine challenge that you feel is the most important to address first? Please propose an action where you can make an impact/action from an individual perspective, through your organisation, or by working with EIP and partners to make a difference?

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  • In countries with few influenza cases during pandemic, risk perception has declined

    Many if not all countries had low number of influenza cases during pandemic. Universal prevention methods like face masks, physical distancing and hygiene contributed. This has been fed by low vaccine supply. Vaccine communication should be strenghtened in order not to dismiss the old enemy.

  • In countries with few influenza cases udring pandemic risk perception has declined

  • Ensure Supply Meets Demand!

    The shortages experienced during 2020 caused frustration for GPs/nurses/pharmacists and patients. It conflicted with campaigns urging people to be vaccinated. Policymakers and manufacturers should work together - as early as possible - to ensure supply meets demand. Leaders should explain to the public why this happened (vaccines take a long time to make) and why it won't happen again: this year we'll have enough vaccines for everyone - get yours early to protect yourself, your family and the healthy service.

  • Timely Opportunistic Messaging

    Timely and opportunistic messaging to women during pregnancy, for example, when vaccine messages will be more acceptable.

  • Monitor Professional Activities

    Healthcare professionals remain one of the main challenges itself as they have a tremendous influence on shaping their patients' perception on vaccines. Prevent any misconceptions on vaccines coming from healthcare professionals through a thorough monitoring of their professional activities.

  • Involve Pharmacists

    Pharmacist-provision of influenza vaccine across Europe. It has been proven that the additional services provided by pharmacists across the world and some parts of the EU have helped immensely to increase the uptake of the flu vaccine, yet not take away from other healthcare professionals' provision.

  • Keep the Message of Prevention Alive.

    A Key challenge is to keep the message of prevention by vaccination alive. This can be achieved by  telling stories and sharing good news on data of what is prevented and what further can be done.

  • Key Challenge!

    Some countries in 2020 showed very few cases of influenza. Although people over 65 are being vaccinated, there is not a general feeling of a health emergency in comparison to COVID 19.

  • Specific Focus Necessary

    A specific focus is a priority and a necessity in nursing homes for people and HCWs locally. Unacceptable drama is still ongoing there with SARS-Cov2. 

  • Communicate!

    Improve communication for patients.

  • Special Focus on Nursing Homes

    A specific focus is a priority and a necessity in nursing homes for people and HCWs locally. Unacceptable drama is still ongoing there with SARS-Cov2. Our pediatric medical associations are well aware of the benefit in young children: no specific action required in this age group