International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA)

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International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA)
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  About:    At IFPMA we advocate policies and practices that encourage the discovery of and access to life-saving and life-enhancing medicines and vaccines, for people everywhere. We represent research-based biopharmaceutical companies and regional and national associations across the world. We facilitate collaboration, dialogue, and understanding within our industry and with other global players in the health community. We bring the industry and broader health community together to foster innovation, promote resilient regulatory systems and high standards of quality, uphold ethical practices, and advocate sustainable health policies to meet global needs. We are the unique, informed, and credible voice in conversation with the global health community to address the many challenges in public health policy for current and future generations.  
  30/08/2019   IFPMA calls for regulatory convergence to speed up the development of much-needed vaccines  
  03/04/2019   It’s time to rebuild public confidence in vaccines  
  21/03/2019   Thought Leader Series on Vaccines  
  05/03/2019   Increasing access to vaccines in rural and urban settings with mTech  
  Downloads   IFPMA Vaccines TLS_A Critical Moment to Sustain Support for Immunization  
  Downloads    IFPMA Vaccines TLS_Rebuilding Confidence in Vaccines  
  IFPMA Vaccines TLS_Life Course Immunization  
  Downloads    IFPMA Vaccines TLS_Delivering Immunization  
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