Board Member of the NGO Committee on Ageing, UN Vienna, AUSTRIA

Gertraud Dayé is also a Member of EURAG – European Federation of Older Persons; Regional Co-ordinator for Styria of IG Pflege (Austrian NGO representing Informal Carers in Austria);vChair of ASSG (Aktive Seniorinnen und Senioren Graz - Active Senior Citizens Graz/Austria).



Gertraud Dayé began to work in a European federation of national NGOs representing the interest of older persons (EURAG) in 1976, and was the Director of this federation from 1995 onwards. In this function she was responsible for collecting the opinions and wishes of older persons from all over Europe (from Portugal to Russia and Israel, from Norway to Italy and Greece) and formulating common statements. She was entrusted with voicing older Europeans’ concerns and defending their interests in contacts with the Council of Europe (Strasbourg), the UN (New York, Vienna and Geneva), the WHO (Copenhagen, then Geneva) and, since 1991, the European Union. From the early 1990s until 2012 Gertraud Dayé was, further, engaged in a large number of EU-funded projects (DG Employment and Social Affairs, DG Research, and DG Education).

After retiring from EURAG she continued to work, as an independent expert, and as a volunteer, representing the interests of older persons in associations/organisations on the local and national levels as well as on the international level. She is an independent expert with DG Research, European Commission; and (representing ILC Global Alliance) she was the chair (and still is a Board member) of the Vienna NGO Committee on Ageing with the United Nations; she is, further, the NGO representative in the UNECE Working Group on Ageing in Geneva.