European Public Health Association (EUPHA)

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European Public Health Association (EUPHA)
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  About:    The European Public Health Association, or EUPHA in short, is an umbrella organisation for public health associations and institutes in Europe. EUPHA was founded in 1992 by 15 members (12 countries). EUPHA now has 81 members from 47 countries: 40 national associations of public health, 25 institutional members, 7 individual members, 2 global members, 12 partners. EUPHA is an international, multidisciplinary, scientific organisation, bringing together around 19’000 public health experts for professional exchange and collaboration throughout Europe. We encourage a multidisciplinary approach to public health. Our vision is of improved health and well-being and narrowing health inequalities for all Europeans. We seek to support our members to improve health in Europe, adding value to the efforts of stakeholders in regions and states, in national and international organisations, and individual public health professionals. Our mission is to facilitate and activate a strong voice of the public health network by enhancing the visibility of the evidence and by strengthening the capacity of public health professionals. Working in partnership Sustainable advancements in public health and health services can only be achieved through collaboration. EUPHA is dedicated to working in partnership with European and international intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations as well as national institutes and organisations that are aligned with EUPHA's values and commitment to improve current and future health in Europe. Our definition of public health EUPHA defines public health as the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health and well-being through the organised efforts and informed choices or society, organisations, public and private, communities and individuals, and includes the broader area of public health, health services research, health service delivery and health systems design.  


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