To the European Specialist Nurses (ESNO), this Immunization week is more relevant than ever. This is because last year we launched the Nurses guide on microbes and also touching vaccination but who could ever dream that vaccines and vaccination are now at the top of each heart and mind of all European citizens. In our guide, we have explained the in and out of vaccines, history but also the dynamics, hesitancy with examples.

When we started this half of 2019, no one could dream it was so relevant. For this reason, during European Immunization week we are going to launch the separate Module exclusively on vaccination. This is to enable health professionals to learn about the impact of vaccination. With explaining we aim to equip professionals with the best possible know-how but also how to communicate on this topic with other nurses, doctors, patients and the civil society in general. The language use is in Nurses narratives but also anyone else wishing to improve knowhow and feel more competent to act and make choices.

The guide touches the COVID 19 but also the Influenza including Q&A based on frequent conversations on social media. The guide will be online and easy to print. The guide also provides interactive possibilities linking to institutes and literature. More on this projects at Follow information on Twitter