ESNO have made available their launch report on a survey on Vaccination and Specialist Nurses: knowledge, behaviour and policy. During this unprecedented year 2020 in relation to the Corona-virus pandemic, our attention has focused on viral and other infectious diseases, and especially on vaccination.

On top of this, there is also concern about nurses’ personal uptake of the influenza vaccination, knowledge and attitude ‘with opinions being expressed without having heard the nurse’s voice‘. ESNO is a strong advocate and promoter of nursing knowledge and competencies related to infectious disease transmission and vaccination but we are also interested if this contributes to your personal decision on vaccination uptake. In November 2020 we started an in-depth Survey on Specialist Nurses in Europe and beyond. In this survey, we wish to learn about your personal motivation related to influenza vaccination and when available, the Corona-virus vaccination, and how this relates to your professional activity and training needs.

During European Immunization Week this a summary of the report will be launched prior to a formal presentation in International Nursing Week on 12th May. Before launching this we can already express that the outcome is not a surprise but also learned a significant outcome for health care provision. In the first place, we have learned that the willingness for influenza uptake significantly has increased and also the willingness for the COVID vaccines. But more importantly, all nurses responding to the survey, from all European nations but also from the globe, taught us one very important thing. And this is that the wish to learn more about microbes is once more underlined and should be included in continuing professional development throughout the lifetime career span.

And on top of this relevance, most of the responders were in their 40th and with clinical experience from 15 to 30 year who stressed to be better facilitated in general competencies on vaccination and vaccines and also to be included in project and management. A strong recommendation based on data can be shared that including advanced education at all levels and acting wisely, will contribute to better health systems and efficient health provision for the future infection control and treatment by competent and motivated health specialist nurses.

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