Action: Build a consensus among the medical communities and the policymakers that protection against influenza and COVID-19 are variables of the same equation and therefore budget prioritization and adequate supply for both are essential every year.

Action: Build a consensus among the medical communities and the policymakers on how from a logistics and compliance perspective it is best to deliver every year Influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations.

Action: Utilise through an awareness campaign targeting healthcare professionals and the public, the acquired confidence about Influenza Vaccinations and the acceptance of the importance of being protected against Influenza across all age groups.

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  • Boosters

    If COVID-19 vaccines require boosters, there should be a new campaign on 'Your Winter Vaccines', normalising both as a routine part of life. If the focus is primarily on older people, flu (and possibly COVID) vaccinations could be rolled into other milestones e.g. flu vaccination as part of your retirement/pension