Action: Build a consensus among the medical communities and the decision-makers in each country, that now is the time to expand their Meningococcal vaccinations against all strains taking younger populations out of the equation during the pandemic.

Action: A healthcare professional campaign highlighting the importance of maintaining vaccine-induced protection against Meningococcal Disease during the pandemic.

Action: A social media campaign targeting adolescents and their parents to increase awareness that symptoms resembling COVID-19 might hide a Meningococcal Infection and therefore reaching their physician might be of paramount importance.

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  • Stress the Relevance of Prevention by Vaccination

    A campaign to stress the relevance of prevention by vaccination particularly now with everyone's mind on Covid-19 and health care overwhelmed with other priorities

  • Social Distancing Meningococcal Rate

    During (and plausibly because of) the recent period of enforced social distancing meningococcal rates have for a while fallen. This has the potential to cause complacency which should be met with a vigorous campaign promoting vaccine uptake and – importantly – disease recognition in particular in adolescents away from home for the first time.

  • Routine Vaccination Calendar

    All of these actions have somehow been introduced in many countries in Europe. What really works is the introduction of Meningitis vaccines into a routine vaccination calendar. Data shows significant decrease of the disease when almost 90% of the chosen aged groups are vaccinated.