Action: With the focus now on COVID-19 infectious and mortality a campaign is needed to maintain in the public's minds the Meningitis seriousness and implications, especially among the younger population which is not complying with social distancing and other COVID0-19 measures.

Action: Healthcare authorities and medical associations to organise vaccination catch-up weeks throughout the year mobilising the healthcare professionals and the public to get their missed routine vaccinations.

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  • Missed Vaccinations

    It is essential to provide good opportunities for adolescents and infants to catch-up with missed vaccinations by sending invitations and stressing the importance of vaccination particularly in times of COVID-19

  • Follow up!

    Essential to follow up immunization uptake and incidence rates of meningococcal diseases in order to have a better knowledge of current trends.

  • Meningitis Awareness

    An Awareness campaign is needed from patient organisations focused on communication with parents with 2 objectives : 1. Information about all vaccines that can prevent their children and teenagers from meningitis. Prevention is better than any treatment. 2. Information about signs and symptoms so they can ask for medical help if needed. Time is crucial as meningitis can kill in less than 24h after the first symptoms which are sometimes similar to a flu, a stomach ache or a hangover.