Action: Utilise the COVID-19 experience and the much-needed vaccine to overcome the current crisis to build consensus amongst healthcare professionals and other key stakeholders (patients, civil society and public health experts) that vaccinations across all ages and all diseases should now become a priority in healthcare budgets.

Action: Support decision-makers who are responsible to develop the COVID-19 delivery infrastructure with evidence on the cost-benefits and the added value of building systems that will last and will be used to implement a LifeCourse Immunization Policy.

Action: With the shift from healthcare systems focusing on illness management to prevention driven systems medical communities should provide evidence on which vaccinations and age groups should be included in a new designed national prevention LifeCourse Immunisation approach.

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  • In-depth education at all levels contributes to impact

    Structural long term investment in providing evidence that in-depth education at all levels contributes to impact

  • Poorly funded healthcare systems

    Poorly funded healthcare systems have to make decisions between dealing with widespread chronic conditions (diabetes, heart disease etc) and infectious diseases. It would help if the EU established an EU-wide mechanism for funding equitable access to all vaccines!

  • Reinforce a collective and harmonized European perspective at any step

    Reinforce a collective and harmonized European perspective at any step: (1) stratify vaccination priorities depending on the most exposed population (quite similar in all EU Member States) (2) evaluate precisely the volumes of doses required at least for the first year - as now admitted by ECDC (and European Commission) (3) reunite the several Member States instead of individual states for negotiation of vaccine doses, public price, (4) a common European funding would be important

  • Use the COVID experience to strengthen the readiness of older persons to get vaccines

    The COVID-19 experience may strengthen the readiness of older persons, to get vaccines, in particular against influenza and pneumococcal diseases. Older persons' immunization status should be one of the aspects checked in all routine medical check-ups. This is, unfortunately, not yet the rule in all European countries.