Action: With the media focus on possible cases of reported side effects in the process of the development of the new vaccine, it is important to have voices ready to put things in perspective and offer clear, consistent and reliable easy to understand information on COVID-19 Vaccine safety and efficiency to allay any concerns from the outset.

Action: Build vaccine confidence among healthcare professionals by offering to them sources of information on the new COVID-19 Vaccines safety and efficiency. It is important that new vaccines are first trusted by healthcare professionals before they are trusted by the public.

Action: Establish effective training regarding distribution pathway to ensure all vaccinators/distributors are well engaged and prepared. Ensure that the population fully understands who should get vaccinated, with which vaccines and why.

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  • Explanations First

    There is a need to get explanations in first e.g. communicating how vaccines are monitored and explaining cause/effect (bluntly: if a million people over 65 are vaccinated, some of them will die in the subsequent weeks - this is a loss for families, as ever, but doesn't mean the vaccine was responsible)

  • The Logistics

    For many European member States the logistics of each step : availability, distribution, administration and pharmaco-surveillance of Covid vaccines will be key and MUST be anticipated in all details. If not, it will be a failure, even in population favourable to vaccines. These pragmatic aspects have to be ANTICIPATED from now on as a true emergency

  • Counterproductive?

    It might be counter-productive to define all persons aged 65 plus as the "Rsk Group" of the population as was the case at the beginning of the pandemic. There should be a better differentiation looking at the general health status, and less at chronological age.

  • Gaps need to be Identified

    National planning - Stakeholders must act in unison and with consistent messages

  • Testimonies

    Offer real testimonies from people who have been vaccinated and don't suffer any after effects.

  • The Vaccine has to Reach Citizens not the Contrary

    The vaccine has to reach citizens not the contrary - USE more territorial medicine: GPs, Nurses, Pharmacists - allow for vaccinations to take place in non-clinical settings - use doctors in workplaces and in schools where available -  Allow for an EU traditional +Social Media Campaign