Action: Utilise the increased public interest for COVID-19 vaccines to establish trusted sources of information for the public to easily access, offering evidence on all vaccines preventable diseases and the impact that vaccinations have in decreasing or eliminating these diseases.

Action: Social Media training for the healthcare professional on communicating vaccine confidence on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Action: Online training and campaign for healthcare professionals on effectively communicating vaccine information to patients and families and combating misinformation.

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  • Listening First to the Concerns or Queries of Patients is the Key!

    Listening first to the concerns or queries of your patient is the key; then try to answer and promote vaccines on a collective basis.

  • Elder Generation - Encourage!

    Encourage!  The general interest in COVID-19 vaccines may encourage older persons to ask their GP also about other vaccines.

  • Personalise Communication

    Make communications more personal - for example next flu season contact all those who had the flu vaccine this season and remind them that, vis-a-vis flu, nothing has changed and if they accepted the flu vaccine during the COVID crisis they should keep having it. Take the messages directly to the recipients using all platforms available including their grandchildren

  • Overcome Systemic Barriers

    Conduct a review of any systemic barriers to make vaccination more accessible and acceptable than ever, particularly for disadvantaged groups. (These "convenience" barriers may underly the decision-making of "hesitant" parents/patients more than "confidence" in vaccines.)

  • Commence Training at University Level

    Start at university level - Future HCPs are not taught enough to understand how to approach misinformation with their patients/ the public. This can be done theoretically and through live simulation exercises.

  • Unify the messages at EU level

    Unify the messages at an EU level!  As doctors and citizens we should collaborate with the civic and patients associations (and their tools) at a national and EU level to drive the correct and unified messages: from citizens to citizens! We should gather comparable data on vaccine uptake in this period and the good consequences on the NHS  in economic terms and in term of saved lives.