Action: Medical associations, organisations, and individual healthcare professionals to actively engage in social networks through campaigns, scientific evidence and interventions keeping Influenza vaccinations at the public's top-of-mind.

Action: Extensive education programs to prepare healthcare professionals to understand how to best communicate, address concerns and administer Influenza vaccinations in relation to the new COVID-19 vaccinations every season.

Action: Communication campaign targeting Healthcare Professionals and the public aiming to increase awareness on the importance to reduce unnecessary hospitalisations from influenza when capacity is limited and hospitalisation can have various complications.

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  • Play your Part

    It could also be pitched not just as a way to 'protect yourself' but as 'playing your part' in protecting your family, community and the health system on the whole.

  • Annual Concern

    Promote basic, then advanced, knowledge for pharmacists, nurses, midwifes to support the campaigns.  Raise awareness in people aged 50+ about vaccine preventable diseases and vaccines by large, notably influenza in some countries.