Free-to-View Vaccine Trainings for Healthcare Professionals

Vaccines Together have launched a number of online vaccine training courses to provide you with practical advice and interventions to use in your everyday practice. The modular online courses are free to attend and a certificate of attendance will be provided by the Excellence in Pediatrics Institute for those who attend all sessions of a particular course.

The COVID-19 pandemic brings new unprecedented challenges to healthcare professionals, our health systems and our societies. Our medical communities are in the frontline of fighting the pandemic. Societies and policymakers are looking to us for credible advice and best practices based on the latest scientific evidence.

Vaccines Together have ALSO launched a number of online trainings to provide you with the skills and the evidence needed for you to play your role in your local communities helping as much the decision-makers and your patients to make the right calls.

There are 3 targeted modules in each course, with each module lasting 40 minutes and consisting of 30 minutes for the main presentation and 10 minutes for interactive Q&A from the audience. All modules are available to access live and then the recording of the module can also be accessed and viewed on-demand after the live session. Each course shares the latest practical advice to offer a deeper understanding of what you can do in your daily consultations and practice.

Vaccines Together online courses are designed to provide the latest updates and essential knowledge on vaccines to help you stay updated with the latest evidence and best practice advice. As soon as you register for the selected module you will also be registered for all 3 modules of the course.

Follow the links to view the timings, topics, presenters and learning objectives of each course on the links below.

⏩ COURSE: Risks and long term consequences of disruptions on vaccinations 

COURSE: Behavioural Change - Shaping Patients' and Parents' Behaviour to Increase Vaccination Rates

COURSE: Social Media - Arming Paediatricians to Engage and Fight Vaccine Misinformation Online

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