COURSE: Social Media - Arming Paediatricians to Engage and Fight Vaccine Misinformation Online

Training and Mobilising HCPs to Engage on Social Media to Fight Vaccine Misinformation

You are a trusted healthcare professional yet, understandably, you are most probably Social Media hesitant. The vast majority of healthcare professionals are often afraid or worried about social media and this needs to be overcome on the Pro-vax side of the battle. Anti-vaxxers dominate the space and yet this can easily change if you and your colleagues, who are far more trusted, try to communicate effectively, using social media to build a network that will be highly trusted and will help amplify the pro-vaccination message.

MOD 1 - An Introduction to Social Media for the Healthcare Professional

Learning Objectives:
(1) An overview of how social platforms work in disseminating information to the public (2) Reviewing how search engines are leading parents to dubious websites and that people who use Facebook and Twitter are less likely to vaccinate (3) Understanding the trends and growing concern that websites and social media channels are amplifying the problem (4) Analysing the spreading of misinformation that is picked up by parents with questions, creating an echo chamber for conspiracy theorists (5) The first practical steps you can take to redress this imbalance 

⏩ Stay tuned. Exact Date and Presenter will be announced by the end of April

MOD 2 - How to Effectively Counter Online Misinformation on Vaccinations

Learning Objectives:
(1) Understanding that Social media is part of the problem, but also part of the solution (2) Getting the basics right and choosing the right platform and approach (3) What are the do and don’ts when working with social media - when to engage and when to report (4) How to react when you face a misinformation issue - what options are available to you? (5) Best practice approaches to vaccine disinformation - case studies from across Europe

⏩ Stay tuned. Exact Date and Presenter will be announced by the end of April

MOD 3 - Taking Your Social Media Engagement to the Next Level

Learning Objectives:
(1) How to link your social platforms with an additional trusted source of information (2) The power of creating videos on YouTube for direct and customised impact against disinformation - How to do this... practical advice (3) Building expertise within your healthcare team - training colleagues in social media, equipping them with the skills and confidence to go online and engage (4) Working as a global team of experts and calling in help when encountering Anti-vaxxer attacks online

⏩ Stay tuned. Exact Date and Presenter will be announced by the end of April

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