COURSE: Behavioural Change - Shaping Patients' and Parents' Behaviour to Increase Vaccination Rates

Supporting Continuing Education of HCPs and Providing Training on Behaviour Change

Faced with outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases healthcare providers want to know how to better persuade people to get their vaccinations. With this in mind, there is an urgent need to apply theories of behavioural change for widespread use in your day-to-day practice, as well as clear training on the latest behavioural science. As you know, it doesn't work to repeatedly state the facts and this modular online course will provide practical tips, techniques, and case studies on motivational interviewing and change behaviour in relation to helping you overcome vaccine hesitancy of your patients in a constructive way.

MOD 1 - Behavioural Insights

Learning Objectives:
(1) Strengthening knowledge of behavioural insights methods and their application in practice (2) Exploring how immunisation programmes can take public perception into account (3) How to listen and obtain behavioural insights to tailor your response (4) Examining the latest interdisciplinary approaches - working together looking at psychology, communication and behavioural science (5) Recognising psychological mechanisms of vaccination behaviour and understanding the latest social science research techniques.

⏩ Stay tuned. Exact Date and Presenter will be announced by the end of April

MOD2 - Effective Behaviour Change Interventions

Learning Objectives:
(1) Understanding the basic theories and frameworks of health behaviour change interventions - creating effective interventions (2) Reviewing psychological theories and vaccination - seeing how they can inform practical interventions to address the challenges (3) Facilitated discussions and case-based practice working sessions within your healthcare team regarding vaccinations (4) Examining the most effective interventions focused directly on shaping patients' and parents' behaviour instead of trying to change their minds  (5) Understanding how to effectively monitor and evaluate a behaviour and change intervention in practice.

⏩ Stay tuned. Exact Date and Presenter will be announced by the end of April

MOD 3 - Practical Tips and Motivational Interviewing Techniques

Learning Objectives:
(1) How can you change patients’ vaccination choices by
 utilising the latest motivational interviewing techniques (2) Practical tips on reducing the easy barriers by setting default orders and appointments for those who are not anti-vaxx, but undecided (3) Pro-Actively shaping patient behaviour by developing incentives and understanding requirements regarding vaccinations (4) Exploring how the best way to correct this misinformation is to reiterate the facts clearly and in a way that fits with people's intuitive beliefs.

⏩ Stay tuned. Exact Date and Presenter will be announced by the end of April

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