The Sabin Vaccine Institute’s 2020-2021 Social and Behavioral Grants Program partners concluded their year-long research projects in December 2021. Multidisciplinary teams from five countries were awarded funding to explore the social drivers of COVID-19 misinformation and its impact on both routine immunization acceptance and the acceptance of a COVID-19 vaccine. The initial case-study report, Community-led Strategies to Aid Vaccine Acceptance: Five Case Studies from the Global South, has been compiled to inform action and investment around the globe that seek to build more vaccine confident communities. The grant partners featured in the report represent multidisciplinary teams from Mewat, India; Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya; Sindh Province, Pakistan; and the Kambia District, Sierra Leone. Together, research teams and communities designed interventions employing a range of strategies including digital and social media messaging to increase vaccine literacy, as well as participatory research to equip and empower community health workers and community influencers to dispel rumors and strengthen trust between patients and providers.

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